Monday, June 24, 2013

Starting Again!

My inheritance from my Dad paid for the awesome, amazing, incredible 2 month trip to Paris, and those funds are now gone.  So, turning to Donna for help, we are headed out to London and Florence in 97 days!  We begin by swapping homes with our friends Robert and Dorothy from Suffolk England.  We go over there on September 29th (arriving September 30th).  They get us acquainted with their home (we visited one day during the trip to Paris) as we did for them when they came over here in May.  Then they come over here - I am not sure how long - but we stay in their home until October 15th.  We then fly to Florence Italy where Donna has found us a great apartment in the central district ("Duomo").  This will be my 3rd trip to Florence - once in 1965 with Mom and Dad and once in 1973 with ex-wife #1. Donna has not been here before so we are excited for her to see it!  And I am excited to explore the food and wine and history all over again - a great city.  Neither of us speaks a word of Italian, so either I get busy learning or we have a rough start.  But I did not speak a word of Italian either in 1973 and it was simple enough.  Our apartment has one bedroom and a sofa bed in the living area - we think that Trevor and Eleanor will be coming from Warsaw for a long weekend.  Other than that, we don't plan on having any company.  We will be there from October 15th to November 13th (29 days) and then fly back to Atlanta arriving on the 13th in time to rest and attend Shannon's birthday on the 14th.  Odd how hard it is to copy the photos!  Anyhow, if you want to see the apartment, go to

More info to come.  We are getting excited... again!!