Tuesday, January 29, 2013

2 weeks to go...

As we are now "close enough to taste it", the sudden recollection of what needs to be done first starts to loom large.  We need to take with us €s so we need to assemble the $s and order the delivery: Mom and Dad - thru us - are providing spending money in Paris for 7 kids for a week each and the 2 of us for 9 weeks.  So 25 weeks' spending money for groceries and trains and museums when/if the plastic fails us. While we will be residing in Paris for 2 months, some anti-narcotic-trafficing regulation prevents "non-residents" from having a bank account in France.  So, rather than being completely dependent upon ATMs (which totally failed me last year in Mexico and which - but for Donna being in the USA to emphatically repeat to the bank dullards that when I told them I would be using my credit card and ATM card in Mexico, that is what I meant - would have been very unpleasant) we are taking some cash.

My Droid Bionic died last night (I have a good backup) so that has to be replaced today - much easier and less expensive than if it had failed in 2 weeks!

In addition to two separate weeks that are going to be just us, and a week when Donna is in Paris with only her old friend Margo and I'm away visiting son Trevor in Warsaw and friends in Vilnius, we have 17 people flying in (and perhaps 3 by train) to stay with us in our beautiful 3/2 apartment!

Lots of details to work out before we go.... in 2 weeks!

We did firm up some plans this week as I found a wonderful ebook which lists day trips from and in Paris to explore the great art and castles and cathedrals of France.  Since we will be IN Paris, we can follow in the author's tracks.

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