Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Yet again

One of my wonderful wife's amazing talents - she has a full quiver of them - is to roll with punches. I tend to punch back.
We arrived on time (9a) to get our rental car only to find out that the rental agency won't rent the car without a copy of the voucher. We have it on our phone. No notice we have to have any copy - particularly not a paper copy (National Rent a Car has the reservation and it reflects prepaid - at €100/day for a sub-compact!). No WiFi anywhere in or around the Verona train station!!  Even though we have already paid for the car, we have to pay again to get it

Lunch is €8 or €11 depending on which combo you order. Donna and I ordered the €8. Bill came at €23:  11x2 +1 for "service". I pointed out the error. Bill #2:  11 + 8 +1 = €20. No. "Sorry. Mistake". 8+8+2. Not going to argue over €1.

We spent the afternoon driving from Trento to Cortina through the spectacular Dolamite mountains. I was driving so check out Donna's photos.  I remembered this route from 50 years ago.  We were unable to get any useful info on a hotel or B&B from the local tourist info office so we parked the car and walked around downtown. Maybe 10 hotels. 8 closed for the season. 1 full. The other? €180 ($225!). Hotel AmbraCortina. Ouch!  No choice, they got us - again. But, hey, it includes breakfast!  But it doesn't. See photo. And, to add insult to injury, the morning coffee was... instant.

The Italians connecyed in any way with tourists stick you every chance they get. The Italians who are not connected in any way with tpurism are delightful people. But we are tourists so we encounter lots of Italians who are so connectrd. Arrivaderci Italy. 5 days to go. I won't be back. I sure hope none of our kids get married or live here!

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