Tuesday, April 7, 2015


Istanbul straddles the Bosporous - a 40 mile long 1 or so mile wide body of water that connects the Black Sea (Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, et al) with the Sea of Marmaray - a small "sea" which connects via the Dardanelles to the Mediterranean which, in turn, connects to the Atlantic Ocean.  The Med is tidal: it goes up and down a foot or two everyday.  The Black Sea is not.  So billions of gallons of water rush through the Bosporous each day.  Now there are two very congested bridges full of vehicles going back and forth (a 3rd is under construction).  And a subway line going under it.  In my first visit here in 1973 there were no bridges or subway and ferries were the only way to cross.  Now there are lots and lots of ferries and a book of schedules. Here's one page. [Photo].  We live this month at Kuzguncuk and, fortunately, there is a ferry that stops there - if we time it right [zoom photo]. After waiting through several ferries, the correct one arrives right on schedule and home I head. [Photo]  The concrete dock and the ship are spanned by a floating dock which is a carney ride getting aboard today.

$.55 and 25 minutes later... Kuzguncuk ferry and a 5 minute walk home.  Cold today. A bit damp. But tomorrow we leave for Sanliurfa at 4a. It will be warm and dry there.

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