Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Full Day 1

7Last night ten of my roomies and I went out looking for a bar to raise a beer to the memory of my grandfather. They had all read my blog entry about him from a couple of days ago. And they wanted to join in. After they did (12+ me) I volunteered to buy the round. But last night was September 1 and Mongolia has a "blue law" of sorts that no alcohol can be served - anywhere - on the first day of each month.  We ended up going to a restaurant where 11 of us (2 dropped out) raised a glass of apple juice (Papa would have approved) and I paid the $17 bar tab. It was great: people from 52 to 22, from Turkey, Holland, Germany and France, all speaking English and all toasting John Calvin Rollins, MD.  Video (9 seconds) posted on Facebook.

Asleep at 11 I was horizontal for the first time in 55 hours yet I awoke this morning at 4a thinking I was headed for Teralj Park on a guided trip but my traveling partner - a guy from Holland who said it was set - dropped the ball and that leaves only tomorrow. So I headed out to find a foot massage (they are still swolen from the long flight) and found a rarety: a Mongolian restaurant. The menu was all in Mongolian, the clientele was all Mongolian, so I had lunch here. Photos of the menu and the lunch below. $6.

5 hours of sleep in 3 days and 6 cups of coffee today but I'm fading....

I didn't find the foot massage but did - finally - find my way back to the hostel and slept 5 hours. Headed out with 3 guys to find beer and food. 2 hours later, after 2 giant good local beers and a large plate of Mongolian grilled meat dumplings ($8 total) we returned home and I made a few calls home. A good first full day.

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  1. Know you're loving the food! Sorry to hear the tour won't happen.