Monday, September 15, 2014

I am so far behind...

PRC blocks almost everything: Facebook, Twitter, EVERYTHING Google including this blog, New York Times, Donna's blog site (Wordpress), YouTube, Google Map!, so many others. And, can't set up a vpn from here.  So, I have not kept up this blog of wonderful adventures with great people from all over the world because (a) as always, it's hard and (b) now it's blocked until I land in Houdton in 6 days. I imagine thst I will write the blog in the air.

Leaving lots of stuff unsaid for now, I find myself alone in Beijing for the first time since I arrived. So I'm sitting in a restaurant waiting on my order.  No English inside, so I photographed the picture from outside and showed it to the waitress: "You want a beer with that?" she asked, to my amazement.

Two days later (now 9/11) I'm taking a day off, sitting in a Starbucks relaxing.  But for Skype, I'd be incommunicado here in PRC.

Beijing is great, but they must clean up their air pollution and open up their internet for me to return. If they do those 2 things, this would be a world-class city.

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