Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Day 1, morning 1, Istanbul 2015

Sunlight at our apartment happens at 5a, so I got up, took a photo out our back deck [photo], then left FS and Donna snoozing away and walked down to a hole in the wall spot that was open and had a cup of Turkish coffee (a bit chewy!) $1.10 - then a sandwich of cheese, tomato, and bell pepper $1.45; then walked to the park 150 meters from our apartment and took a couple of photos [photos].  Then bought a tokem $1.45 for the 25 minute ferry ride across the Bosporous to Galata Bridge and Eminou, then a 75 cent tram ride to Sirkeki, then figured out how to get change and added $8 to each of our Istanbulkarts, then took the Marmaray train back under the Bosporous ($1) to Uskandar, then a bus to Kuzguncuk and a 150m walk back home.  Ferry to home was 1 hour.  FS and DLL were still fast asleep.  Went out shopping while they hot ready.  5 baclava for $2.50, a gallon of drinking water for $.75, a pound of ground beef for $7 (expensive) and a medium chicken for $4 (half of US price).  Now out to our local Wednesday only vegatable and spice and egg market.  More later.

Donna and I then went out to the local Wednesday fresh market and bought olives, lettuce, carrots, eggplant, tomatoes, chesse, bananas, apples, potatoes, mushrooms, eggs all for about what we pay at Ingles, but much fresher.  

 We then took the 15 bus to Uskudar for lunch.  FS came along.  [Photo]  On the way back we bought coffee, olive oil, sunflower oil, honey.

Nap.  Then back to Uskudar, under the Bosporous, and out to the Spice Market where we bought vanilla, oregano, cashews, walnuts, pepper, two types of tea, curry.... Then we went to the grocery store for shampoo, paper towels, butter, bar soap, honey, jelly.  Then wine (Turkish only) and fresh bread.  Home for dinner.  Trying to stay awake to overcome jet lag....

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