Friday, March 20, 2015

Table for two, in Istanbul

Well, I'm packed - all but my razor.  One small carry-on bag for 11 weeks - and the bag includes an extra pair of shoes for me (size 14) and Donna (size 11) plus her computer and my queen-sized hammock with ropes.  Yes, there are clothes in there too - and all the various electric plugs, charging cords, jump drives, etc - two pair of dress nylon convertible pants (the legs zip off to make shorts/bathing suits), two nylon short-sleeve shirts, 6 pair underwear, 4 pair socks, plus I'm wearing jeans, collared short sleve shirt, nylon hoodie and nylon rain jacket. Extra glasses, batteries, 2 flashlights, and meds plus first aid and a candle for a romantic dinner.  I think this is the best organized I have been for a trip.  Donna's bag will be about the same size as mine - no checked luggage means customs is quicker, moving from city to city is easier - and on the no-frills budget airlines in Europe - much cheaper.

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