Friday, March 27, 2015

Day 3

Day 2 - see Donna's blog.

Easy day

It was supposed to rain this morning but I awoke to sunshine. Donna didn't sleep well so I started a load of laundry then headed out to find Tesla - the big grocery store. After a 20 minute walk, I learned that this says "Tesla Purchasing Office"!!!  So I bussed back to Uskandar, bought groceries, and headed home.

We then bussed back to Uskandar, went under the Bosporous to Sirkeci and then wandered up a couple of team stops on foot to the #1 Trip Advisor restaurant in Istanbul. It's really not a restaurant as we would think of it. It is a hookah (waterpipe) cafe with lounging sofas, oriental rugs, narrow, winding entrance off of a narrow winding single lane cobblestone road... ih, and a delightful food menu but "the cook in the hospital" the owner said. So we exited and instead ate at the Mozaik Cafe - of course very expensive for us (lunch was $50) - which was the best meal I have had in quite awhile. We started by sharing an appetizer of grilled squid - pieces the size of an American hamburger!  Then I had East Anatolyan baked lamb, served in the baking dish swimming in veggies.  Donna had minced beef and lamb served with charcoal grilled eggplant

We rolled back to Eminous (sp) ferry dock and took the 25 minute (55 cents) ferry tide back to Kuzguncuk dock and walked home.

Jet lag hit Donna today (me 2 days ago) so we had an easy day.  As Tiana might say: "What the heck... it's vacation!"

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