Sunday, February 17, 2013

Another wonderful day strolling around Paris

So we got up earlier today (7:30 am) and headed out at 8:45 for church.  One change of trains and one bus ride later we were at the Emanuel Evangelical Church, a friendly little church. The Pastor tried to cram too many verses into an exposition on what we, as Christians, are to do about sin.  I wanted to - but did not - hop up and display my last tattoo: "ha me shalom" said Jesus in Aramaic as His last words on the cross:  "tetelestai" as John wrote in Greek in his gospel. "It's accomplished" in English. Or, "it's been taken care of" in the vernacular. So we were nonplussed.  We went next door for a great Thai lunch, then restarted our walk from yesterday where we left off: Place de la Concorde. We walked thru the Tuileries Garden (photo), by what Uncle JH calls "that other museum" the Louvre (he prefers the French Air and Space museum), then thru the left bank stopping for expresso (me), hot chocolate (Donna) and patisseries (both) before returning to buy food for shish kabobs for tonight. We were chilly at times today, but only because we weren't prepared for the breeze. We are back now (4:30pm).  Time for a nap!

Tomorrow: Fontainebleau!

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