Wednesday, February 27, 2013

E & C

For 5+ years, my friend Eugene Miller and I have been talking about doing this trip to an apartment in Paris. During that time I started dating Donna, we got engaged and married and she joined in the discussions and became an equal partner with me in the planning. So today, after all that time and a day delay because of a blizzard-closed airport in Toronto, Eugene and his wife Claudia arrive in Paris!  Amazingly, Alan and Melissa have not yet met Eugene and Claudia. What a great time I'm going to have tonight! 

As I write this on Monday morning Feb 25, I am on the train to CDG airport to - as my late friend Ian would say - "collect them". It snowed last night in Paris - the temp is 32 and rising so it won't last long, but it should make for a beautiful entrance for E & C.  Bien venue mes ami! 

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