Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Rotary Extraordinaire

So today, being our relax day, I decided to go to a Rotary meeting. The club meeting today was the Rotary Club of Paris!  So I went.  It was across town so I allowed an hour, forgetting how this city of 11,000,000 people is so livable. Door to door was 25 minutes.  I was surprised to find myself at a palacial club, with a huge formal dining room.  "Patrice" was my English speaking lunch companion. He is an interior architect and loves food and museums. In other words: my kind of guy.

Fabulous red wine and rolls was accompanied by a huge fruit and vegetable plate with boiled eggs. Great lunch!  Then Patrice asked if I had any objection to eating rabbit - since I eat and enjoy everything that has ever been eaten if the eater survived, I said yes.  Second course was grilled coney with potatoes, broccoli, and more wine. Then desert: a huge bowl of chocolate mousse, an assortment of cookies, and coffee. I exchanged banners with the club and 150 Rotarian stood and clapped. Oh. The speaker. The Russian ambassador to France!

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