Sunday, August 25, 2013


IWe have arrived in the land of Village.  "My" kids at Canton and Hasty from last year may remember that the name Canada came from a mis-understanding.  The great explorer Hudson was at the upper end of the navigable section of the Hudson River when he began exploring on land.  He found a local Indian tribe and sought to find out the name of this great country he had found.  They replied "can a da" which, in Iroquois, means "village": they were telling him he was in a village while he was asking a different question.

Anyhow, we have arrived.  It was a 16 hour trip from Waleska to Vancouver: I feel certain it took less time to get to Paris. But I was too excited to get going so we arrived at the airport in Atlanta 3 hours early, we had a 3 hour layover in Dallas, and a 4 hour flight to the Vancouver airport.  The weather is great - and so far - we have seen nothing.  It is 6:30 a.m. on our first day and we arrived late last night.  Thus, also, no photos. 

Today - coincidentally - is the 125th anniversary of the largest and oldest public park in this city which is seeking to be the most green city in the world by park space to living space.  So, we expect later today to post lots of pictures.  0% chance of rain today - but I hope this does not jinx us! 

We headed out to Stanley Park early.  Photo. We rented bikes and did the flat, 6 mile coastal loop in 2 hours with lots of stops. Pictures.  Then we walked all over downtown before taking a shuttle to a suspension bridge.  Initially disappointed in the bridge ($33 pp AAA admission!) but the less-heralded but much more spectacular tree-top adventures was worth the $!  Picture.

Back to hotel - we also walked 6 miles - for shower, nap and take-out dinner.  Great day but we did bite off quite a lot!

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