Friday, August 30, 2013

This would have been easier...earlier

After the hike to the glacier and waterfall Donna and I got separated for nearly an hour and a half before we found each other.  Then we rode the bus back to Juneau and found a place that sold smoked salmon.  Donna prefers smoked in heat - which cooks the salmon - while I prefer smoked in cool which gives out the smoked flavor while keeping it almost raw.  We bought a half pound of each and sat on a park bench in the sun and devoured the whole thing!   Then we went back aboard, Donna posted her blog, I watched a movie, went to dinner, went to a show, went to a 50s-60s concert (at which time Donna headed to bed) then to listen to some canned dance-floor music, then to bed at midnight.  Up Friday morning at 5:30a.  It was easier when I was younger!

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