Wednesday, August 28, 2013

To "my" kids at Hasty and Canton

and to Ms. Minton, Ms. Anderson, and Ms. McFarland...

here's a couple of pictures we just took today for the kids.  One is of a whale's skull. Another is of a stuffed (i.e. dead!) real Alaskan bear.

We ended up coming here because tourist season is over but the weather is great and the tickets were 80% off for the ship and almost 80% off for the airplane up and back.  We are very lucky: it's clear and 68 in Ketchikan which gets over 200 inches of rain some years. It's raining in Juneau today. Tomorrow we go there and it clears there and rains here. 

And here's a picture of our room (you can't see the closet or the bathroom).

If you kids have questions, be sure to ask your teachers to email us and we will try to answer them. 

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