Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Our cocoon

August 27,2013.  We have a beautiful room - inside cabin - one cabin away from the back of the ship, on deck 4 (of 12). Thus in our room there is no sense of motion.  We left the dock at 16:15 headed north.  As of sunset last night we were splitting a wide (10-12 mi?) channel under cloudy skies.  Donna and I had an "A" lunch fruits, salads, tea; and again an "A" dinner (we each chose the chef's special: blackened salmon and I also had the salmon tartare appetizer).  The fish was great but the grilled veggies were A+ IMHO.  I should have taken a photo!

Last night we went to a variety show and then to hear a guy on the guitar playing James Taylor and some surprisingly good original songs including a Buffett-esque " Lazy".  We bumped into Barry and Rilla - newlyweds our age from Shreveport.  He's an AA pilot and she is a research scientist. We might have lunch together today.  I'm up at 5a and alone in the large 12th floor Observation Deck.  I dressed to be outside but it's raining hard at 5:30a so I'm inside.  1st breakfast at 6a!!  I had some trepidations about being stuck for 7 days at a floating theme park, but it's not like that at all.  Norwegian Sun has a great vibe - unlike Carnival - I suspect starting off with really good food is part, but sharing with Donna is the main A+ 

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