Monday, May 12, 2014

#82 & 20 & 21

3/4ths of the way to my "bucket list" item of seeing half the world's countries, Romania was #81 and South Africa is #82. 21 more and I'm there! 

And, I'm here during SA's celebration of 20 years of freedom.

Istanbul with Donna was one of those really great, memorable experiences. Now starts South Africa with James who arrives at 2p today, May 10 to celebrate (a few months late but we had to wait for the season and his final exams) his 21st birthday.  The days now seem to have flown by. 2 months?  Wow.

It's raining - fairly hard - today.  First real rain of the trip. Gear held up well. Dinner at the hostel - I was starved. Dinner 2 at the Zulu Bar next door.  Photos posted on FB. More to come. At airport awaiting James....

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