Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Apres sharks

We've had busy days and the internet is so bad here that it is usually useless to try to post anything. The next day (Tuesday) James went para-ponting. Then the following day (Wednesday) we had our astounding day to Cape of Good Hope. Followed by Thursday a Hop On Hop Off bus around the peninsula which allowed us to combine 2 days' events into one: wine tour and visit to a township ( a haunting conversation with our guide as we looked out over the corrugated tin shacks with 700 homes sharing one water spiggot and three bathrooms; we saw two distinct other residential areas in the distance: "coloreds live over there, the rich whites over there, and we live here.". "Do you think it is changing?" "It won't ever change." "Never?". "Never.")

Today - Friday - James' last full day here, we worked in a movie ("Three Days to Kill"), a lunch at the waterfront, and a ferry ride to Robbin Island where Nelson Mandela was held for most of his 27 years in prison for opposing Apartheid.

James left yesterday (Saturday May 17, 2014) to go home.  What an amazing, fine young man God has given me. It hurts me that he was so wounded by my battles to see him, but I see his recovery behind those walls he erected against the world. That recovery is grounded in his faith in Jesus.   

My flight was cancelled so I'm following a day later which allows me to go back to Central Methodist Church to hear another sermon of the sort I wish we had in America.

Post Script

Cape Town is set in a beautiful place but it is just a big (5+ million) dirty, poverty-stricken, racially segregated, technologically antiquated city with minimal public transportation. I am very ready to return home. Being in this place - so very far away from all of the people I love and who love me - is exceptionally lonesome. Hopefully I am wiser from this experience. I'm on my way....

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