Friday, September 27, 2013


After 2 days of landscapers working in the yard, the house cleaning service having been here today, and the expensive car wash I almost never use being now done with my car, new tires on the Goldwing, 4 new tires and hubs on the sailboat trailer, fall weather, sitting here with Donna - this place looks so great that ... nah!  2 days from now we will be on a Lufthansa jet on the way to London.  OK, it is still weird for an American to go to London in a German airplane.  I hope the RAF is asleep. I'm excited about going to England and Italy and I'm excited about our friends Robert and Dorothy coming here. And I'm excited about Skypeing with "my kids" at Hasty and Canton here in the USA from Woolpit Primary School in Bury St Edmund's, Suffolk, England, perhaps a week from today. Lots happening!

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