Friday, September 20, 2013


The family Selva.  70 years ago my Dad's first cousin Jimmy Longino (one of 3 James Longinos from my branch of the family who were pilots in WW2) was shot down over Forli Italy. He was rescued and hid by the family Selva - at great risk to the lives of the 11 of them - while the other members of Jimmy's crew were all captured by the Germans. A year ago Daniel Celli of Rimini Italy contacted me for info on Jimmy - he was writing a book about him.  I provided such help as I could so last week I got a 160 page PDF of the book.  Next week we are leaving for England and then Florence - about 30 miles from Forli. On October 19th Celli will take Donna and me to meet the surviving members of those 11 who risked their lives to protect a stranger.  Wow!

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