Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Sticker Shock

Alaska is many things.  You would expect that in a state ten times the size of Georgia - that same Georgia that is the largest state east of the Mississippi.  So to say Alaska is big is a huge understatement. This is my 5th trip here as I bring Donna to many of the places I have already been before we head out to new-for-both-of-us in April when we cross the Black Sea in a boat headed for Odessa.  

But back to Alaska.  When I was here before, everything was 50% more in cost than in Georgia.  Last night we had no reservation for a hotel - it's after tourist season and there are rooms everywhere available.  But we had to check a dozen hotels and drive 25 miles to find a very plain room in a 20 year old hotel for $135 per night. Other than that, the least expensive was over $200 and most around $250.  Per night.  To sleep!  A simple lunch was $38.  Gas was $4.58 a gallon for 86 octane.  Fortunately, we board our flight tomorrow and will be home Thursday morning. 

On the other side, our weather has been amazing.  Today we might get rain. Maybe. Yesterday we were in transit and it rained almost all day. But otherwise, it has only rained late at night and been clear - you have seen the pictures - when we have been out; in what is normally the rainiest month in one of the rainiest places on earth.

So, I'm looking forward to seeing my Hasty and Canton kids on Friday!

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