Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Talking about eetna - Alaskan for "rain"

The long overdue rain finally caught up with us during time we would be outside as we reached Talkeetna, our last stop.  I was here in March and May of 2001 - first with my friend Rob and then with my sons James and Rollin.  Now with my fabulous wife Donna.  The photos of us, at the various times from the same spot, are attached.

Now it's time to eat one more meal, pack our bags one more time, then head home. We will be there in 32 hours and then can lay down. 

Then we will start again - leaving for our house swap with Robert and Dorothy - in 3 week.  This has been another great trip with my wonderful wife to states and countries I have already visited. April 14th is coming and we will go places I have not been: Black Sea, Moldova, Ukraine. In between: Florence and Shannon's wedding in Vegas. Here we go...! 

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