Monday, September 2, 2013

Hubbard Glacier

North America's largest tidewater glacier. 72 miles long, it starts on the tallest mountain in Canada, then crosses into Alaska and reaches the ocean here in Disenchantment Bay. It is in places 6,000 feet thick. It is up to 7 miles wide.  The exposed face advances 80 feet a year and is "only" 600 feet thick here: 350 feet above the waterline - and 6 miles wide!  As we sit here next to it, it rumbles and pops as the ice is pushed toward the sea.  The Hubbard Glacier.  If you look carefully at the next to last picture, you will see the last of a big chunk of ice as it fell off the glacier into the sea.  And the last picture is of some sea lions wishing us farewell from Hubbard Glacier. 

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