Friday, March 29, 2013

He's baaaack!

OK, so I have been remiss in my postings for a week. I may come back and edit this to put in a week.  But today is Thursday March 28, 2013. If you want a really good blog on the last week, check out Donna's blog at     Otherwise....

Last night we had international night as we (Donna, Tyree, Sheryl, and I....... ok, it was just me) invited pur upstairs neighbors from Mali to join us for a Longino spaghetti dinner as Kim and Dan were out and thus we had room at the table.  For two hours we talked politics, religion and personal histories. We laughed a lot. Oh, BTW, it was all in French as I was the translator!

Today we (Dan, Kim, Donna and I) went to Orleans on the Loire River (see photo) where 500+ years ago Jean of Arc - an illiterate 17 year old French girl - suddenly united and energized the French to reverse their perilous fortune and evict the English from France ending the Hundred Years War.  Virtually everything from Jean except her house was destroyed in the Religious Wars or the World Wars or the Napoleonic Wars, etc.  But the cathedral is here and a grand lady she is.  See photos. We tried to find other things open but either because it was 13:00-15:00, or because today is Maundy Thursday - the day we mourn the arrest and flogging of Jesus Messiah, or because c'est France, we could not.  On our way back to Paris on the train I noticed miles and miles of what appeared to be a modern aqueduct. I took a photo (see photo) and then asked. The conductor said it is 1,900 years old!  A Roman aqueduct.

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