Sunday, March 31, 2013

Catching our breath

As our last week together, and the week with the last group of our kids, in Paris approaches, we took another day off. I remember James asking why we take days off when we are on vacation, and he is right - it does seem oxymoronic.  But we (Donna and I) were tired: it has been fun but tiring as well. So we stayed at the apartment through lunch, then Donna, Tyree, and Sheryl headed out for Lafayette to do some shopping. I expect her blog will tell that story. Dan and Kim went shopping elsewhere.  I took advantage of the quiet at the apartment to get some work done on the computer. By 3p we were all back, sitting around the dinner table just talking, drinking wine, and sometimes eating - up until 9p when we made a dash to Montmartre to buy some gift trinkets. DST starts at 2a Sunday in Europe so we changed our clocks and went to bed. 

Easter Sunday. One of the two most important days in celebration of my understanding of God's purpose in the world. The day another group of our kids arrive. What would have been Mom's 99th birthday. Donna quickly cleaned the apartment while I helped Tyree and Sheryl with their 150 pounds of luggage down 3 flights of stairs and to the airport and picked up the kids.   I was not able then to help Dan and Kim with their 250 pounds of luggage for their later flight as I gathered the kids from the airport and brought them home and cooked breakfast. Dan and Kim were stuck taking a cab to the airport. [Donna and I brought too much stuff, but ours weighed 55 pounds for 2 months.]

It's a beautiful day in Paris.  Once settled we took the kids up to Montmartre (see photo), then off to see the Eiffel Tower (photo) and a bus/metro ride to some Chinese takeout I had been wanting for weeks (all to keep them awake until 8p so tomorrow no jet lag) before going grocery shopping then home.  We all were in bed and asleep by 9p. This week is going to be great, too!

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