Sunday, March 17, 2013


So we are having a wonderful time with our Brit friends Robert and Dorothy. He and I are the same age, share many of the same interests but he is more creative than am I, and both "married up"   Megan arrived Sunday so Sunday night - unlike Saturday night - was uninterrupted every hour or two by status reports from my better half on where Megan's flight was! 
We went up to Sacred Couer (see photos) before sharing a wonderful dinner in a delightful corner of a great French restaurant.  Then Dorothy decided to take a cab back, Megan - who was cold - joined in, and Robert went with the two girls.  Donna and I leisurely strolled back to the Metro - she even commented that I was walking slowly. I was. I was strolling through Paris on a cold, clear night, arm in arm with the woman I love. We even walked around a corner, found ourselves alone, and paused for a kiss under those magical stars.
Anyhow, we went down into the Metro and just missed the train. 3 minutes to the next one. So we were talking about something as we boarded the train but stopped while standing among the Parisians on their way home. At the stop before our stop, as our train came to a halt, there stood Robert and Dorothy and Megan, getting on our same train car, and we were at the door because of the crowd. Donna and I had a moment to collect ourselves and enjoy the shock on their faces when we claimed "sorry, no room on this train!". I am sure the Parisians thought we were drunk Americans as we howled with laughter all the way to our stop and beyond.  The harder we tried not to laugh out loud, the funnier it became.....

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