Monday, March 11, 2013

You know...

It's Sunday.  The routine:
to the CDG etc etc

But this time we found a better way!

Thanks to Rollin and Uncle JH earlier in the week we took the 350 bus from the corner of our building to the Air and Space Museum. We noticed that it went to the center of the CDG tramline among the terminals (which is the same place we go by walking to Gare du Nord then riding to the end of RER B during construction divergence, then walking to a bus, then riding the bus - a 60-70 minute trip) so now when it's a low traffic time like Sundays, 350 for 40 minutes after pickup beats all but a fully operational train.

Then we went on date night: movies in France are strange: the theaters are tiny. The one last night had 38 seats, very narrow access, and play nothing on the screen until the designated start times. "Weekend Royal" was fun. 

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