Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Wow! It's Wednesday!

OK, I'm behind! On Monday Donna and Megan went to the Eiffel Tower and the Trocadero while I went (unsuccessfully) in search of a battery for Donna's phone (lesson: don't let them run dead - particularly in France). I did find a place where it appeared that there was going to be a great market. I found out that it is on Tuesday and Friday mornings, between Belleville, Couronnes, and Menilmontant on our #2 line. Robert and Dorothy arrived after Donna and Megan who arrived after me. Once gathered, we went out for dinner at our favorite Indian/Sri Lankan restaurant just down from Dishny off Blvd Fauberg St Denis.  Tuesday morning we retrieved Robert and Dorothy's car after working out a trip for them to Atlanta May 3rd then on to Ft Lauderdale May 6. And a house swap for the first two weeks or so if October. Then Megan and I launched out for the market mentioned above. Mayhem & all sorts of food.  By halfway thru, she was done. I returned with the goodies and she went out on her first foray: to the Pere Lechaise cemetery and back. Then we went on a wonderful 2.5 hour canal cruise. Then back home for spaghetti and sleep. Wednesday morning Donna and I headed out for our next in sequence visit to 13th century construction - this time the state-of-the-13th century art: Chateau Vincennes.  It was built by Charles VII to protect him and his court from the mobs in Paris that wanted his head. Like much in Paris, after all the wars and revolutions, it's mostly rebuilt. See photos. Then we went to the Orang Erie Museum to see Monet, Picasso and Renoir (my favorite). This was my first time here. On the way back, Donna took my photo. Next, Ugnius Tulekis - our visitor summer of 2011 - came to Paris with some of his friends. I took Megan over to the Eiffel Tower to meet him and then I came home.

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