Monday, March 11, 2013

No anger over missing Angers

OK, so it's not pronounced like anger with an "s": it's pronounced like Ahn- zhair    We planned to go there this morning, in the snow and rain to see the 13th century fortress built by Blanche de Castille to protect her young son who would grow up to be St. Louis (for whom the US city is named), also known as Louis the 9th ("Louis IX"). Angers is about 200 miles southwest of Paris but that's just an hour and a half - downtown to downtown - on the awesome bullet trains.  We arrived at the station 30 minutes early, but the line for tickets was about 45 minutes (wish I had my printer and I would have booked online) so we didn't go.  It was 12 degrees warmer that far south and closer to the coast. But we went to St Chapelle  instead - Louis IX's spectacular 13th century chapel of towering stained glass. I was last there in 1965 with mom and dad. Each time since the lines have been terrible but Donna suggested we try today and she was right!  The line was about 3 minutes!!  While there we bought tickets for Thursday night to hear a Mozart concert in the chapel! 

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