Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Snowy day in Paree

If it were warmer, we could do this, if we had a horse and were younger and were out in the woods! ;)

So today is the snowstorm of the century so far. About 5" on the ground so far. It's 8p and the temp is falling and the snow is coming down hard.  It's 27F and windy.  The bullet train to London was cancelled today. Those of us like Donna and me who have paid €160 for rt tix on that train discovered that it's now first come, first served tomorrow morning so instead of leaving here at 7a for a 7:30 train (it only takes 5 minutes to walk over there), we are leaving at 5:40a to get in line at 5:45a (I do so love standing in lines: it's why I come to enjoy Paris when THERE ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO BE ANY LINES!!). we hope we can get on "our" originally scheduled train after sitting nearly 2 hours in a no-doubt packed waiting room (we have been told we can't just walk back home and return for our train. But we are snuggly warm in our apartment tonight, have lots of food, and - if this posts - the internet.  I'm going to post soon about how one can live reasonably in this very expensive city by finding the best deals. 

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