Monday, March 24, 2014

And Edinburgh

The awesome weather continues. Today, I retrieved my lost hat from yesterday, Rollin and I went to The Meadows, I doffed my sweaters and outer shirts and shoes and socks and we played Frisbee - yes, I brought a 175 - in the moderate breeze for an hour or so, noted Arthur's Seat that he climbed yesterday [see photo 1] then went shopping (yeah, I know...).  Upon our return, and after a shower and a nap (!), it was warm enough to open the window and redo the photo of the Castle [photo 2] and - out the other side of the hostel - the school that JW Rowling patterned Hogworts after (in the adjacent graveyard are the headstones with names she used like Voldemort (sp?)) [photo 3]

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