Monday, March 31, 2014

J'aime Paris!

I love Paris. I love my wife more so this 6 days will be fun but not as much fun as if she were here. But she threw a big bridal shower for her niece at our home and now she is about to have the wedding reception there. I also love her loyalty to her family. When we planned this trip her niece's wedding was going to be last month. When the wedding was moved back a month - no problem: she'd wait to join me.

So this morning I got up at 5a, walked to the Warsaw subway, caught the train to the center, a 45 minute bus ride to the airport, a 2 hour flight to Paris, an hour ride to the Metro [photo], bought a 1 week transportation pass, then a half hour ride on the Metro, then a short walk to my hostel in Montmartre - my home for the next 6 nights.

It is almost at Sacre Couer.  [photo]

Grabbed a sandwich (back to real prices: huge curry chicken sandwich, €3.50 - about $5, then a coffee €1.2) and off to Versailles to check out apartments for my MeggieMoo. [J'taime MeggieMoo.  Ca va?]

I've spoken to or seen all of our kids since I last spoke to Megan or my amazing Shannon. Perhaps I'll call them tonight!!

My project today did not get completed: it's a long way between dorms. But I got photos of two to send out tonight.  Wow, Paris is great!!

Back to the hostel at 6p. A short nap. Food shopping then a solo picnic and back to the hostel.

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