Saturday, March 29, 2014


What an amazing young man I have helped create! I am today finishing this 2 week trip with him around Ireland and the UK. I have done similar trips (a) alone in my 40s and (b) with son Trevor at 18 and (c) with son Rollin now at 22 and (d) with Donna (?)!!.

Each trip has been remarkable.  Alone, it is pure adventure. With Trevor it was fun, but also learning about another, younger man - who I had been kept away from since he was 6 weeks old. With Donna it was a romantic trip. With Rollin? Seeing the world as he discovers it is also great fun. I know him. I admire him. I've been with him nearly every step of his 22 years. Today is bittersweet: a great trip but now he heads home to a full-time job. He's smart, kind, handsome, tall, athletic... some young lady is going to knock him off his feet and the times I will have with him will be less and less over time. As it was with my Daddy and me. A time of transition.

So, today we are leaving (horribly expensive) London. For food, lodging, or transportation, the costs are at least double what they are in the US. Example is now.  We have a 1 hour train ride. In France, it would cost $12 pp or so. Here: $55 pp!  Its going to cost $35 to go tomorrow by airplane from London to Warsaw.

So, I'm glad for today: tomorrow I get to see Trevor and Eleanor in Warsaw.  In 9 days Donna arrives. But there is a very special place in my heart for this fine young man who sits next to me now.

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