Friday, March 21, 2014

Scotland and Annie

My mom was Annie Sue Rollins. Her mom was Annie Tallulah Lane.  Rollin's friend in Glasgow is Annie Clinton.

Rollin and I took a car to the boat to a bus to a train and arrived exactly on time in Glasgow to Annie and her friends who greeted us. We dropped our stuff at our hostel. Nice hostel!  Our room has two (!) bunk beds, a shower, separate commode room, and separate sink. Each bed has its own locker. Breakfast is not included in the $28pp price, which is high for hostels, but we have no roommates, and a great view of the city and the river. Photo 1

I had to work so I returned to my computer and Rollin and friends went out partying. Thursday (Mar 20, 2014) I went for a walk after breakfast. Met back up with Rollin at 1p and we went off to U of Glasgow. Photo 2 & 4.

On the way back, I noticed some subway art that I liked. Photo 3

I came back to the room for a 30 minute examination of the inside of my eyelids!

Then Rollin and I joined Annie at a pub then an Indian restaurant then I headed home and Rollin set out to see the world. Unfortunately, Rollin didn't return. I called Annie at 3am but didn't get a text back until morning. He and I are going to talk about that when he returns. 

Then something bizarre happened. I sat down in the lounge to read the news on my phone and to text with Donna and the kids. Suddenly,I was surrounded by 40 or so kids about the age of my Hasty/Canton kids .  They were starting some sort of party with balloons on their heads. They have really thick accents (to me) but seem typical of the kids here and so much like my 350 or so kids at Hasty/Canton that I decided to ask the adult leader for permission to speak with a few of them on camera as part of my presentation to the kids back home. "We are very busy" I was told. So, I presented my card and asked for the name of the school so I could inquire about setting up a Skype when I return.  He declined to answer my question except to say that perhaps we could talk in the morning.  So, I went down late for breakfast.  Hostels have common tables and everyone is invited to sit in any empty seat. There were 2 empty seats out of 4 at his table but rather than sitting down I asked permission. "We are having a meeting" he said - a demonstrable lie - as he and the other person scowled at me.  So I said "have a nice day" and left back to the lounge to read, blog, and text. Interesting lesson: nasty jerks exist everywhere - just like nice people exist everywhere. The great news is we get to leave the jerks to be jerks. [Although I do admit a resisted desire to find the name of the school and email the head of the district a link to this page!]

Shortly the kids and the scowlers showed up in the lounge!  With a wind band blasting away. No phone calls now!  The Rollin showedup at 11:30 and we are about to leave for Loch Lomond . 


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