Tuesday, March 18, 2014

St Paddy's Day and Dunluce Castle

Wow, what a day. Details coming.  s now.  So, we had quite a party at SPD but at 9p some of Rollin's roommates took a Snapchat of themselves and posted they had stolen Rollin's phone which set off alarm bells in Ellijay Georgia USA with his mom which - bad habit, I know - sent me off on a 5 hour search for him.  Finally found him at 2a asleep in his bed holding his phone!

We actually left Dublin at 10a and headed to the train station in light rain and heavy wind. So far, the weather has been great - much warmer than I prepared for. Better that than the reverse, but I'll not likely be needing my crampons. 

The trip to Belfast was uneventful, except for the train tickets. €19 era online in advance. €39ea at the train station!  Robbery!

 Rented a micro cheapo car for £17 a day ($29) and were upgraded by Budget to a 2014 Mercedes diesel 6 speed with only 900 miles on it!  So off we went wandering around N Ireland getting lost.  Finally arrived at Dunluce Castle at dusk. Awesome place!  Then to Port (Sill - I think) next to the castle where we are at a B&B. Leaving for the Giant's Causeway trip to Belfast and an early afternoon ferry to Scotland. No rain today expected but heavy rain tomorrow. We should be in Glasgow. 

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