Wednesday, March 26, 2014

More on Newcastle

The end of Hadrian's Wall was interesting, more because of the excellent museum than for the ruins, which were just wall foundations. The size of the fort seemed snug for 600 troops and 120 horses, but I suppose there were 2 stories on mist of the buildings.  Every restaurant was crammed because Newcastle was playing some other British team in soccer and Brits are soccer fanatics.

Best hostel so far. My requirements start with comfortable bed and good WiFi in the room. This is the first to have good WiFi in the room so I was able to keep trying until I was able to talk with Donna. Made me feel better.   Add to the hostel a beautiful modern look throughout [photos 1 & 2], large private bathrooms, free use of laundry and modern kitchen... what's not to like?

Full English breakfast with brewed coffee (no instant, so prevalent over here), sausage, eggs, toast, ham, baked beans, oj, muffins. ..  yum!

Now on to London on a 6+ hour bus ride.

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