Tuesday, March 25, 2014

On to Newcastle

Today, Rollin and I depart beautiful Edinburgh Scotland for a short (1.5 hr) train ride [photo] to Newcastle on Tyne.  The adventure continues!  Rollin is a quiet observer. Everyone likes him. He is a great travel partner. And, of course, a great son. We hope to find and check in to our hostel, leave our bags, and find a way to Housteads or somewhere else on Hadrian's wall. Tomorrow we have an early bus ride to London. Train is 3:40 and costs £140. Bus is 6:10 and costs £10. Easy choice: we save $100/hr riding the bus. I hope it is as comfortable.

So we arrived, found our hostel, seems they had booked the wrong date (I called in yesterday morning and made that reservation, the train reservation for today, and the bus reservation for tomorrow - the other two of which are correct) but they were able to get us in. Nice hostel. Roommates are 2 Norwegians who just dumped their stuff everywhere. They picked it up when we stood and waited. Nice bath attached to the room. Not funky cool like Edinburgh's but more Swiss-like: stainless steel, hyper-efficient minimalist.  Went to Castle Keep, a 900 year-old Norman fort build on the ruins of a 2,000 year old Roman gatehouse. [Photo]. Before that we went out to Wall's End to see the Roman fort there, but it was raining so we took no photos. Cool museum, though - very hands-on.

Now I am thoroughly beat: yesterday's Frisbee in the park has me sore and traveling has me tired.  Time for a nap. 4p.

Hey kids - be watching: I have a report and am headed to London tomorrow - the city in one report. There will be a photo tomorrow or the next day. And don't forget to send questions.

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