Tuesday, April 2, 2013

I'm just Seine...

The kids' first full day in Paris (April 1, 2013: Grey, Shannon, and Tiana) started off with a bang:  we took the Metro (after a late breakfast) to San Chapelle and got in after only 25 minutes. This time the sun was shining and the colors were "formidable" as Shannon says. Next we walked to Notre Dame. (Photo) The entry line was across the river and down a block - so we did not go in.  Instead we went to a French cafe for lunch and walked across the lock bridge - where someone was getting married (photo) then on to take a boat trip in the crystal clear Paris weather.  [It's amazing how many tourists suddenly arrived in Paris!]. (Photos and video link below)   Then we decided to walk through the Tuileries to Place de la Concorde but we gave in to "our" #69 bus at the side of the Louvre which took us over to Pere Lechaise cemetery. A brief walk through then back home for a nap and dinner.  S&G went to Sacred Couer. The rest of us went to sleep. 

Watch "VID_20130401_140428_221.mp4" on YouTube

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