Tuesday, April 9, 2013

A day in the life of a Warsovian

Got up and had breakfast with Trevor - he cooked - and went with him to see his office.  Then I went to the train station to buy my 2nd (intermediate) class train ticket from Warsaw to Vilnius on Wednesday. I'm leaving at 7:30a for a 10 hour train ride with one train change. That is 244.27 miles in 10 hours. No TGV in Poland!  But flying to Vilnius seems wrong.  It was not possible in 1990 when I first went. I took the train in 2011 when I went back, I have an extra day to use up before arriving in Vilnius... and it will be fun.

Next, being completely unaware of the lack of bullet trains in Poland I inquired in the main tourist office about trains for a day trip to Krakov or Gdansk. No such thing. So I planned on the 11a walking tour of Warsaw (same idea as Rollin and I did in Amsterdam) Tuesday. Then I headed off to Rotary where I presented a Canton Rotary flag to their club. Photo.  One of the people in the room had been a Georgia Rotary Student at Ga Tech!  His name is Cristiano Pinzauti. Then, with a couple of hours to kill, I went to see "The Host" at the downtown mall.  Then, on the bus home, a guy fell over in the aisle, face down. The driver called an ambulance, everyone but he and I got off the bus, and about 20 minutes later the comatose guy got up and staggered off the bus.  I then had my private bus home.  Trevor and I then went out for a pierogi extravaganza.  We split 3 plates of 9 and then had a plate of blueberry pierogis for dessert.

It's now Tuesday (4/9/13) at 9a. Trevor left earlier. My back still hurts so I'm going to go join the walking tour after breakfast downtown - walking helps my back - and then I may go get a massage to help it more. Stay tuned....

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