Thursday, April 11, 2013


The last stop in this incredible adventure is a 2 1/2 day visit with my friends in Lithuania. I am staying once again in the home of Audrius and Jurga Tulekis - and their 12 year old daughter Jone - the parents of Ugnius who stayed with Donna and me at The Gulch - our home in Georgia - during the summer of 2011. Jurga is the sister of Vladas Stankevicius who spent 3 months with my ex-wife and me after we had been in Lithuania in 1990.  So, friends from a long time - nearly a quarter century.  Audrius met me at the train station and brought me back to their home. He is a professional photographer and Jurga is a project manager with a group that works with the schools. Jone is a pretty, bright 12 year old who wants to come stay in America someday. I hope she will do as her brother and uncle have and come stay in our home.

The first day (Thursday April 11th) Audrius and I went for a hike in the local park. Photos. I attended a Rotary Meeting (photo), met a local attorney Girder Cerniauske)  and described my practice to her, and walked alone thru Vilnius - watched over by these 3 tall specters. Photo

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