Tuesday, April 2, 2013

It ain't Rouen, it's just different....

For those of you who missed the reference, iconic country singer Willie Nelson famously performs a song called "Momma, don't let your babies grow up to be cowboys" and in the song there's a line "He's not wrong, he's just different" and this title is a play on that.  OK. Enough prefix.

Today - April 2nd - we start our "last"s of this awesome trip: our last cathedral. Grey and I got up, went to the Belleville market then returned for breakfast and a dash to the SNCF train to Rouen (pronounced in one sound like "wrong" without the "g"). On the way, we were excited and alert. Photos. On the way back, our kids were out. Photos. In between, we explored this ancient city whose cathedral was started 993 years ago. See Tiana's picture below.  We walked thru the gate/bridge with a 500 year old clock: only an hour hand because smaller increments of time did not matter then.  Photo.  I screwed up the time - thought we had 5 hours but we only had four so while the other 4 ate lunch I walked around and took pictures of where Jean of Arc was burned alive, her last view of the cathedral (her request), a hotel entrance, a closed church with awesome flying buttresses, and Dr King's square before we walked back to the train station and waited on our train. When we got back, Tiana and I went to the St Martin canal (video link and flower photo) while the other 3 went to the holocaust museum. Then home for fresh salmon dinner from the local market this morning.  Great day!  Tomorrow: Versailles.

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