Saturday, April 6, 2013

The Last Tango

52 days flew by!  Tomorrow, day 53, I fly to Denmark and then to Warsaw to spend a few days with my son Trevor. I love Trevor, and I love visiting with him. The best visits with him are - like this coming trip - when it's just him and me: no siblings, spouses, or friends.  I missed out on the vast majority of Trevor's growing up because of an ex who used her power to limit my contact as a way to inflict pain, and because of a judiciary which enforced its belief that the only parent which mattered was the mother. So, when I spend time with my grown son I constantly am amazed at his talents, abilities, and heart. So, I'm really glad to get to see him.

As our Last Tango in Paris, Donna and I tried to go to the north end of RER C, but the line was closed at both stops we tried. So we went over to Place de Vosges (photos) and environs where Henry IV ruled and lived 500 years ago. PdV is the first example of urban planning and was built to entice Italian silk workers to come to Paris. Note the tea merchant's window sign: selling tea to Paris since 1692!  Then to Hotel de Sens (photo) and home to gather groceries.

Great, great trip.

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