Saturday, April 13, 2013

Last day... last stops {{sigh}}

My last day as a tourist, for this trip at least.  Thank you for following my blog.  I hope you have also followed Donna's blog.  If you have not, please take a look at

Friday April 12, 2013. 

I woke up, had breakfast, and asked Jurga to drop me off downtown.  I first went to a tourist office, gathered a map and a narrative of things to do, then I found a nearby cafe and perched myself by the window to develop a plan. Next I went to the big cathedral and took some photos. Then up the hill to the castle (note one of the pictures is a model of how it looked in the 14th century, and 3 of the pictures are a 360 degree shot - taken with a panorama setting - to be stitched later). Back wandering, dropped in a spa to see about a massage for the catch in my hip, but it was an erotic-only spa (didn't say that on the door: "East Indies Spa - Massage"!) so I picked another from the list and had a (poor) Swedish one hour (L150 = $US60) massage which skipped my hands and feet.  Strange.  Went to the Contemporary Arts Center as was told it had a good lunch. The borscht was very good, the Lithuanian empanadas were OK....  Came home for a nap then out to visit with Jurga's parents - always a wonderful experience, great people, fabulous food and times. See the picture of all of us together.  And some published photos of Jone in a Lithuanian magazine. Then home, sleep, shower, pack, and I have cleared security waiting for my flight on LOT: Vilnius-Warsaw-Paris.  Can't wait to see Donna!  8p - 7 hours from now. At the airport I met a woman who owns the model agency that has the agency with the "mother" model with Jone.  She says the junk food craze is making it hard to find models in Lithuania - which for a long time had been a great source.  She said she would email me something about this issue so I can pass the info on. 

Time to go
to Paris
to the woman I love
then I will be home
wherever we go. 

Going "home" is great;  going to be with our kids is awesome. Paris:  je reviens en une petite temp!  Le plus bon cite en le monde avec le plus bon hommes en le monde!!

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