Sunday, April 7, 2013

Warsaw....You saw....I saw

Out to CdG and boarded SAS to Copenhagen to change to Warsaw.  Last view of Paris from my window before the flight... but then a family wanted to sit together so I moved from row 35 window to row 7 aisle at the steward's request.  It took awhile as it was counterflow then when I requested a sandwich and beer he would not let me pay.  So different from the US cattle cars in the sky.  One other strange thing: the business class seats are identical (including legroom) with coach - they just move the signs!  Photo.

The next event of some note happened as I exited the international concourse in Copenhagen: a Rotary International collection box for spare money. My guess is there is over $5,000 in various currencies here.  Photo.

The flight ahead of mine was also on SAS - to Berlin.  It was overbooked and so they offered a 300 Euro ($400) travel voucher to take the next flight in 4 hours!  We would never see such an offer in the USA on such a short flight. 

Bought a hot dog and beer for 49 kroner after I figured out to divide the cost by 7 to convert to $s.  Landed, found son Trevor, went out for Polish Mexican (?) which was pretty good.  Took photos on the way there. Back at his apartment - headed to sleep.

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