Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Joined the walking tour of Warsaw with about 20 tourists and a guide named Beaca (I think I got that right).  We toured the buildings re-built by the Russians to look old - like the cathedral (photo) but not far away were the gut-wrenching photos of the complete destruction of central Warsaw which accompanied the murder of its 300,000 Jewish inhabitants. Photos.

After a couple of hours walking around looking at new reconstruction where old buildings had been (made interesting by our guide's stories)  she brought us to a vodka bar where the owners provided us with vodka and herring, gratis. We then completed the tour and some of us returned to the bar for v&h again. I had 4 of each!  I met an architect and business manager who were from Murcia and two doctoral candidates from U of Warsaw. We had an interesting talk... and more vodka.  Then it took me about 4 hours to walk it off at which time I returned to the bar and called Trevor to meet me.  He and I then had ... you guessed it ... vodka and herring. Then we walked to another bar for...v &h before finding a sushi bar ... with green tea. 

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