Friday, February 20, 2015

Carrying me

At first, I carried you.
Home to my family.
Since then, you have carried me thru Managua and across Lake Nicaragua and the volcano in the center. Through a downpour as we crossed into Costa Rica and explored Arenal.  We took a short trip to Medellin on a cheap ticket, then Quintana Roo and the streets of Havana. Two weeks around Ireland you carried me. Across America from East to West then North to Calgary.  East across the plains of Saskatchewan we bounced together before turning south through the Dakotas to home.  Two months we strolled through France with kids and friends -20 in all. Next Woolpit UK up to Newcastle and back to the Lake District before a month in Florence with side trips to Pisa, Sienna, Perugia, Verona, Roma, Venice, and the Austrian Alps. Next up St. Patty's Day in Dublin to Belfast, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Newcastle and London, all with son Rollin.  Then to Warsaw with son Trevor and daughter-in-law Elle.  We jumped back to Paris for a week to find my MeggieMoo an apartment.  Then you and I raced to Prague to get all ready for Donna's arrival.  There you came apart and were reassembled with TLC.  Fixed, we strolled the city with her before taking the train to Salzberg and the German/Austrian Alps which were perfect for you. Budapest then a week in Bucharest: walk, walk, walk.  Hop to Izmir to see Ephesus, then a week with friends in Istanbul before the long hauls. Capetown and the Cape of Good Hope with son James. Doha. Chicago. Home for a rest.  Then we walked and rode where Ghengis Kahn had ruled on the northern fringe of the Gobi Desert, before walking the Great Wall of China.  Camped from Georgia to Niagra to Acadia to Gettysburg and home. Now we are in the mountains of Ecuador.  But yesterday we were in the jungle of the Amazon river basin.  So far so good.  Each time, I carried no other footwear. Thanks for carrying me.  Lots more to come: we are just getting started.

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