Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Cuenca to Baños

9a bus full
10a bus full
Fortunately, we found out the day before.
So, we took the 8:30a bus.  Reserved seats. But Flat Stanley had to sit in our lap.  Seats were too small for us gringos, but we made do.  Hot inside the bus - everyone but us and one other gringo bundled up against the 80+ degree bus. So Donna and I took turns sitting beside the small widow which had some fresh air. 7 hour trip to Ambato was 7 1/2: our "20 minute" bathroom break/stop at lunchtime was 39 minutes, then one girl missed the departure and so we had to wait while someone found her and got her to the bus.  Our 45 minute trip from Ambato to Baños was 1:30 because of Fat Tuesday traffic. On the eay - what scenery featuing the 17,000' volcano on which our apartment sits. Photos.

Then when we got to the apartment.... horrible.  Bed linens had not been chamged since the last tenant, apartment was filthy, no plates, no serving spoons, no dishes, no coffee pot.  We arranged for a cleaning crew for 1p Wednesday, took photos, sent them to AirBnB and then called them.  They were agast.  Without us asking, they immediately refunded our entire payment and let us stay because there were no other apartments available in the city.

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