Monday, February 9, 2015

First morning in Quito

Like many large Hispanic cities I've visited in the Western Hemisphere (San Jose, Managua, Medellin, Lima...) Quito is a busy place not at all developed with tourists in mind. That is usually a good thing as we get to see more foreign culture. Here too. Plus - at 8,000 feet the air is thin. Lots of hills, too. So we walk slowly. FS went to church this morning. Photo.

As we walked through town, in the mist above us, an angel appeared.  Photo.

As we strolled about, he was hungry so we stopped for breakfast.  Photo.

Then while walking we saw our apartment in the distance.  2 photos.

Then - thanks to GPS - I realized we were walking the wrong direction so we headed back the way we had come. 500 year old city, no rhyme or reason to the street names or directions.  We will figure this out - by lunchtime.

Took about 15 more minutes and now we are Quiteros.  We walked up to the national palace.  The Presidente comes out at 11a on Mondays for the changing of the guard.  We saw him, filmed him, videoed him, and all the festivities, along with nearly a thousand other people. Photo.

Then we walked home, took the reverse picture from the one we took this morning of the apartment, and then FS sneaked into a photo of the angel from our bedroom window.  That ham!  Photo.

Morning done. Back to the apartment to change clothes - it's warmer than we expected - and for a snack. We have water, tomatoes, avocados, and chocolate. Yum!


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