Sunday, February 15, 2015

Day 5 Cuenca to Sigsig and back

We have started casting about for things to do today.  The primo thing to do is to go for a hike in the national park nearby.  But while we are at 8,500 feet and I am - slowly - adapting to the thin air, it is at 13,000 feet and I can't go there for that reason.

So we decided - after a huge breakfast of eggs, bacon, oatmeal with peaches, banana and coffee to head out to Sigsig, a small village an hour away. The bus was full so we could not sit together. This photo is from the bouncy back seat.

Our advertised $1.25 1 hour trip to Sigsig was 2 hours and $2 so when we got off, I was hungry. Carnival was in full go in the main area but the amplified Spanish Screamers were too loud for us so we went to a restaurant off the main drag where I took this dual lens photo.

Flat Stanley was very hungry and ordered the Rice with Seafood.  Photo.  He left some which I ate and then he disappeared. Shortly afterwards four police who had heard FS was here, showed up asking for "El Famoso Bandito Sr. Flat Stanley."  When they could not find him, they sat down to eat and wait.  FS met us outside, around the corner and we hopped a bus to get back to Cuenca after taking two last photos of Sigsig and Carnival.

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