Friday, February 13, 2015

Day 3, Cuenca - we become more adventurous

I went out early to get banana bread and bottled tea for Donna, then back for breakfast of bacon, eggs, and banana bread.  On the way, she looked out our window to wish me off. [Photo]. After breakfast I caught a bus to the terminal and figured out what we were going to do on Tuesday when we go to Baños (the one up north). [Photo].  When I returned, we packed our swim suits and headed out by local bus (25 cents) to Baños (the one closeby) to go to the "Novagua" spa. We bought the $80 couples' deal which started with a swim in 97F mineral water for half an hour, then we went to a hot tub of mineral water at 105F.  Then we slathered ourselves with mineral mud and sat in a warm cave for 20 minutes letting it dry and do its thing.  After showering off we went to a sauna for awhile, then back to the 97F swim until our masseuses summoned us.  We had 30 minute awesome massages. Then the most unusual part.  The masseuse had me (and Donna's masseuse earler her) stand in this small room with a drain on the floor, two vertical support bars on one wall, and a 2'x2' open window on the opposite wall.  Standing outside and leaning in, the masseuse spent 10 minutes blasting me with a firehose at 97F.  Where it hit muscle or bone, it felt good.  It really stung my "love handles!"  When she was finished and I dressed, I realized that was probably the cleanist I have ever been.

Since it was a "couples" massage, Flat Stanley waited outside patiently, so we took him to lunch and then to share a banana split!

After a 25 cent busride back, we bought Donna a great leather hat, and us some groceries.  We may go to the Symphony tonight at 8p

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